Recommendations implementation

Our novel approach is aimed at the implementation of solutions.

The main thing for a consultant is not only to find a viable solution, but also to prove its feasibility. The right way to tackle this task lies in a combination of expert and process approaches to consulting. We are constantly improving the process constituent of our projects; namely, we work with our clients so that all the decisions are elaborated within the team, i.e. people who will later implement the solutions found.

Expert consulting

  • Proposals and recommendations development
  • Development of data collection and analysis techniques
  • Analytical study of the most complex and multiple-valued issues
  • Successful foreign and domestic market research
  • Expertise of a company’s internal plans and proposals for development

Process consulting

  • Recommendations implementation support
  • Study group formation and techniques training
  • Strategic sessions, brainstorming, discussions
  • Accommodation of opinions and interests of the parties concerned
  • How-to seminars on the most essential issues arising in the course of a project
We assist our clients not only in decision elaboration, but also in its implementation.


  • Regular monitoring of a company’s development and of key project's implementation
  • Consultants’ participation in projects implementation
  • Participation in the work of Management Boards and committees
  • Top team’s support in the course of changes
  • Assist in attracting investments