Russia and CIS Go-To-Market strategy

Foreign companies, which want to enter Russia and CIS growing market, often face several difficulties:

  • Absence of reliable information on market (volume, structure, main competitors, trends, distribution channels, prices);
  • Lack of knowledge of Russia and CIS business;
  • Language difficulties;
  • How to find a reliable partner in Russia and CIS;
  • Which way of entering the market is the most effective.
On the basis of our deep knowledge of Russia and CIS business and wide network of contacts in different areas we are helping foreign companies to enter Russia and CIS market and to secure these processes.

In solving which problems we can be helpful?

  • Market assessment, segmentation and niche identification;
  • Analysis of market structure, value chain and channels of distribution;
  • Identification of the most promising geographical markets, segments and sales channels for the company;
  • Market entry strategy development: distribution, marketing, pricing;
  • Choosing the most efficient model of market entry: independent entry or partnership, exporting or local production;
  • Identification of sales growth potential on Russian and CIS markets, where you are already presented.

Our approach to Russian & CIS markets analysis

An important feature of our approach to analysis of Russia and CIS markets is a comprehensive analysis of product competitiveness, particular characteristics of supply and demand on the market, as well as the external environment and infrastructure. 

As a result of the project our client gets:

  • Well-grounded sales forecast
  • Plan of actions to enter to Russian market
  • Distribution channels analysis
  • Understanding of the Russian market & risk reduction
  • Contacts with potential partners and client

Some of performed projects

Analysis of Russian market of trucks and prospects of development in key segments on the market for Volvo Truck, the leading world producers of marine and industrial engines.
Research of Russian lifting equipment market for one of the largest suppliers of lifting equipment in the world, including: assessment of market volume, price analysis, export and import analysis, analysis of specific Russian customers preferences.
Research of Russian market of certification of professionals in construction and valuation of Real Estate and working out of recommendations on company’s development strategy in Russia.
Developing of business -plan of the project for the assembly of Skoda and Renault in Russia from manufacturer's component parts.