Strategic market analysis

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A huge potential of Russian market for foreign entrants is quite obvious. But what is not obvious is that there are also some specific features of the market that make it hard if not possible to assess or analyze it without local expertise. Among these features are the following:

  • Several different markets within Russia: There is a set of local markets in Russia such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, cities with >1mln population, cities with <1mln population each of which has specific development structure and, therefore, should be analyzed individually.
  • Primary research vs. official data: Due to the set of factors such as lack of transparency in ownership structures, tax avoidance, black&grey markets official data does not correspond with real business situation which can be assessed only with the help of primary research.
  • Many markets are still unconcentrated and unstructured: There are a lot of industries in which the share of 3-5 major players does not exceed 20% which makes the analysis more complicated.
  • Relations and experts are very important in public sector: Corruption in Russia makes the economy untransparent and some sectors hard to enter. In order to understand real situation experts or even insiders should be engaged which means considerable time consumption and, what is more, local relations usage.
  • Ready-made reports: there are a lot of ready-made reports for different industries in Russia but most of them are of poor quality and based not on real situation, but on official data sources.
  • Many other challenges for Market Research in Russia: taking into account all these research challenges it sounds reasonable to find local partner who knows the specifics of the country and holds all essential instruments and methods of research.

ALT Research&Consulting has a substantial expertise in conducting market research in Russia: for 20 years we have realized more than 400 projects for companies from different industries.

We conduct research on the basis of our clients’ real business tasks. We do not perform standardized research that is suitable for any company in the industry and also we do not sell ready-made reports.

The main features of our approach to market research

Data systematization and integration

According to our approach to market analysis, the main tasks for consultants here are:

  • to systemize enormous flow of market analytics
  • to perform the analysis of business-tasks that are crucial for the company at the moment

The consultants from ALT Research&Consulting act as integrators of market intelligence which allows to gain the synergy between internal resources of the company and professional expertise of consultants.

International expertise usage

The dynamics of Russian market cannot be analyzed beyond context and tendencies of world market development. Our consultants apply the analysis of international markets in the process of business configuration optimization, competitive analysis and market positioning. International market analysis is very useful for understanding the current situation and potential of the industry in Russia.

Deep immersion into market environment

In order to better understand main tendencies in analyzed market our consultants engage leading Russian and international industry experts and use all possible sources of relevant market information. Deep interviews with consumers, distributors, experts from different associations and press are broadly used in the process of market research.

The result of market research for our client

Some of performed projects

Strategic market analysis and intelligence on key Oerlikon business segments
Analysis of Russian compressors market for Howden
Research of Russian lifting equipment market for one of the largest suppliers of lifting equipment in the world, including: assessment of market volume, price analysis, export and import analysis, analysis of specific Russian customers preferences.
Analysis of Russian market of trucks and prospects of development in key segments on the market for Volvo Truck, the leading world producers of marine and industrial engines.
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