Management consulting

Management consulting is one of the most complicated types of consulting, which requires high qualification and expertise. Among main reasons are nebulosity and even inconsistency of formulation of a problem by clients; absence of clear intrinsic criteria of accuracy of one or another decision; high importance of the human factor in such projects. 

In order to solve the clients' problems effectively, we fulfill several stipulations:

  • to discuss setting of a problem in details, to formalize the terms of reference;
  • to conduct the diagnostics of the managerial system;
  • to agree upon the results of the project;
  • to provide for regular feedback and midline reports/phases;
  • to engage several people from client’s company into project team.

The main problems which we help to solve:

  • organizational structure and management system diagnostics;
  • preparation of the organizational structure for a new stage of development;
  • optimization of interaction between managing company business units within holding;
  • optimization of business processes and organizational structure of main divisions;
  • development of KPI and revision of incentive program for management.
Furthermore, within a framework of our management consulting projects, we consider separate elements in a complex, as well as conduct the benchmarking research of the management functions in most successful international and Russian companies.

Do-It-Yourself Format

Gathering  together experience of more than 400 projects, we have developed a fundamentally new approach to client and consultant collaboration and called it DIY-format (Do-It-Yourself-form).

We consider effective joint work of client's team and consultants as a key factor of success. It ensures effective implementation of changes and timing of the project.

According to our approach, team of the client performs significant part of the work on a detailed design of instruments and mechanisms, taking into consideration deep understanding of the processes within the company. In such a manner their experience and knowledge facilitate the work on project, as well as responsibility for implementation is provided.

On the other hand, ALT consultants perform diagnostics and analysis, act as methodologists and experts, possessing technologies of analysis, benchmarking and management of working teams. We identify the directions of management system optimization, the effective processes design, the expertise of materials prepared by a customer's team.

What Does Client Receive as a Result of The Project?

Some of performed projects

Within the benchmarking project for Gazpromneft (one of the largest oil and gas producers in Russia) governance model, business processes, organizational structure, degree of automation were analyzed in detail.
Organizational diagnostics of current situation and development of internal business-plan for creation of subsidiary trade firm for “Pervomayskaya Zarya” company (currently Melon Fashion Group).
Optimization of interaction between divisions of commercial management and logistics management system in “Khlebniy dom”, the leading bakery producer in North-Western Region of Russia affiliated to Fazer.
Elaboration of development program for commercial department for one of the largest distributors of Henkel.