M&A support

Market leaders in a number of industries are weakened by economic crisis which has become an incentive for M&A deals with advantageous conditions for buyers.
This fact was proved for example by recent negotiations of potential investors with several Russian retailers. If before the economic crisis their capitalization was estimated as 15-18 EBITDA, now the negotiations are based on the price of 4-9 EBITDA.
Therefore, this is the right time for M&A in Russia and CIS.

How we can support, if you are aiming on acquisition in Russia and CIS:

Stage 1. «Right» partner for M&A
  • Assistance with formulation of criteria for searching M&A targets
  • Searching and screening of M&A targets
Stage 2. Effective communication process 
  • Organization and support of preliminary negotiations
  • Independent assessment of market position and market strategy of takeover targets (marketing Due Diligence)
Stage 3. Successful integration of M&A target 
  • Development of new joint management structure, describing of business-processes
  • Development of integration plan including instruments to communicate M&A event for employees and corporate culture integration  

We have experience of companies' support on all stages of M&A process: