Baltic SME development

The "TACIS" programme was established by European Union with the main aim to contribute to development of economic and social reforms and democratic transformations. The programme is focused on consulting and technical support for various beneficiaries in target countries and consists of different projects funded by EU. 
The project "Baltic SME Development" started in 2004 within the framework of the "TACIS" programme and lasted until December 2005 in supporting small and mid-size enterprises in NW Russia in the field of export development with the Baltic region. 

Consultants of the company "ALT" Research and Consulting participated in the project in order to develop export strategies for the four beneficiary companies: "EGO Translating" (translation services), "Sidak" (production of front doors for kitchen furniture), "Krass" (production and distribution of welding equipment) and the Ruchjevsky fish plant. 

The consultants worked in close co-operation with the management and specialists of the beneficiary companies primarily in analysing external markets and developing entry strategies. In this context the consultants of ALT carried out interviews with potential customers and partners and elaborated excellent recommendations. 

In addition the consultants revealed some internal problems within the beneficiary companies, in particular for the company "EGO Translating", and proposed adequate solutions to increase business efficiency. For the company "Krass the experts formulated strategic alternatives for future expansion on their Russian markets. 

We would like to mention the high professionalism and client-orientation of "ALT" consultants that are also confirmed by the excellent feedback received from the beneficiary companies. All members of the "Baltic SME Development" team were satisfied with the very good cooperation with consultants from "ALT" R&C and are looking forward for future cooperation.

Matthias Halder

Team leader