Development of functional priorities and strategic projects for 2012

Reference on the project

Our company is growing rapidly. To meet challenges of the scale and speed of business development we decided to build a system of strategic management. The main task was clear focus of all departments on the strategic objectives, to ensure their effective cooperation and coordination between them.

To develop strategic management system, we engaged consulting company ALT, setting them the task of methodological support and maintenance of the senior management team work on development of business plan for 2012, functional strategies and strategic projects.

We are satisfied with projects results and are planning to continue cooperate with ALT in the future. 

The format for us was crucial in co-joint work: we didn’t want the consultants developed strategically important documents instead of us. All work was done by our senior managers, and ALT consultants designed the logic of work, provided methodologies and managed the process. 

But most important, probably, was the fact that consultants were able to build effectively individual work with each senior manager, acting as experts and constructive critics, and provide results for each functional block.

Separately, I would like to underline in the Alt work good understanding of the goals and objectives and, in general, understanding of such a complex field as a strategic management.


Sergey Fedorinov,
General Director of