Reference of  Managing Director of SANG 

Our company is a General distributor of the Company “Henkel-Russia” in the Eastern region of Russia “Henkel-Russia” is a part of the transnational corporation “Henkel”, which is the global leader in manufacturing of household chemical goods, cosmetics etc.  Our task was to create a system of sales promotion, which allows us to build interaction with our intermediaries more effectively and to get feedback from end users, and as a result, to increase sales. Solving this issue we need to determine the most effective ways of distribution channels building, organization of sales department and sales promotion.  

We invited consultants of ALT R&C for successful experience studying. Using results of the research and analysis, made by consultants, we have elaborated an organization plan of active sales system. Using the results of the research and analysis, conducted by consultants, we worked out the plan of sales promotion system creating.

Working with ALT R&C, we received answers to some difficult questions and were able to take one more step in in our business development.

Yours faithfully,
Sergey Kim 
Managing Director of SANG