Oerlikon Group

ALT consultants helped the Oerlikon group better understand the Russian market and its opportunities. The ALT team conducted strategic market analysis and intelligence on key Oerlikon business segments. The study covered market sizing, segmentation, customer key buying factors, competition, value chain and distribution structure. Oerlikon management highly appreciates the work done by the ALT team and will use the findings in making strategic decisions.”

The Oerlikon group is focusing its competencies in the six different Segments Oerlikon Textile, Coating, Solar, Vacuum, Drive Systems and Advanced Technologies. The core competency is the thin-film surface and interface coating in nanometer range. With our products and services we are in leading positions in the respective markets: No.1 in coating solutions, production plants for thin-film silicon solar modules, textile machinery and niches for drive systems; No.2 in the area of vacuum technology

Best Regards,
Ryan Plourde
International Business Development