Volvo Penta

Dear Sirs!

We wish hereby to thank you for the study of the market of diesel-generator sets and stationary diesel engines in Russia, which you have carried out on a professional level.

We would like to mention especially that:

  • The study was completed in a reasonably short period of time and was all the same largely representative, 
  • Its results were presented in a format allowing further processing of the data collected, 
  • The final report was translated into English, which made it possible to immediately pass it on to the head office, 
  • The resulting figures were obtained and checked using various methods, which confirms the reliability of the assessment of the market presented. 
The data you presented confirmed that the strategy we had selected was the right one and allowed to correct it as regards the segmentation of the market.

Over the last several months we have managed to establish several important business contacts and we view the prospects of growing sales of our products as highly probable.

We hope that our cooperation will continue in the future with the same success.

Yours sincerely,
V.D. Gavrilov
Head of representative office,
Volvo Penta International