Strategic session on development of cost optimization plan for "Silvinit"

Reference on ALT consultants work on the project “Implementation of the anti-crisis strategy session"

Silvinit is one of the world’s largest mining-industrial complex producing the potash fertilizers and various salts.  Export makes around 80% of production.  The geography of supplies makes more than 50 countries including CIS and foreign countries. 

At the end of each calendar year, the top management of Silvini holds several days meeting out of office for planning activities for the coming year.

Due to the economic situation on the world fertilizers market, it was important to plan activities for 2009 in the crisis. It was decided to invite professionals in strategic management - consulting company "ALT" to moderate strategic session.

Consultant’s experience in various industries turned to be very useful for us. In the situation of high uncertainty ALT consultants helped us to forecast what if scenarios of world market development depending on USD exchange rate, freight cost, railway tariff and also take into consideration possible fluctuations of prices on potash fertilizers. 

An important outcome of the session was the list of projects to optimize costs in all functional departments of the company.

All in all, we highly appreciate the expertise and experience of ALT consultants and plan to continue cooperation with them in co-joint projects.

Kind regards,
V.M Avdukov 
Deputy General Director of management system