Turbulent Russia: fasten your seat belts

The consultants of “ALT Research & Consulting” throw light on the current situation around Russia by providing a brief overview and analysis of the sanctions impact on business and giving recommendations to act on. This is a guide on materials that might be helpful in the situation of uncertainty in Russia.

Russia is a considerable promising market for many global and multinational companies. Some of them have plants here and have been growing in Russia for years. The development of the Russian economy has been slowing down for the past 3 years. 

In 2014, all the major events and sequential European and American sanctions also added a negative impact. Thus, now it might be a high time for multinationals to revise their regional strategies if they want to survive in this rough economic and political environment.

The following materials include an overview and implications of the sanctions for multinational companies that operate in Russia or consider entering the market. They are to give a complete picture of what is happening in Russia, how it will affect the business and what to do next. 

Below you can find the material we have prepared for our global partners, “Global Intelligence Alliance”. The aim of this white paper is to help multinationals to puzzle out the unstable Russia-2014 and to adapt to new market conditions in the region. We hope that our full analysis of recent crucial events will be useful for your company. Please, feel free to download.   

Market Strategies in Turbulent Russia