On the way to a new business model: the main thing is not to get stuck on a half way

Two ways for holdings: Russian industrial groups choose between two main development models

Creation of industrial brands in Russia

Why apples are falling down, or inner demotivation of employees


Will non-profile assets form the basis of development of industrial service in Russia?

Usefulness of "Hedgehogs", New Business Model and Old Business Ideology

Why does the world need us? It's time to make a choice

A New Logistics Methodology

Integrated logistics models, particularly primary distribution, warehousing and secondary distribution modules, must be built upon a recognition of the unusual characteristics of secondary distribution cost functions, namely, the presence of discontinuous and discrete cost functions. Interesting aspects of the interface between marketing and distribution functions will be addressed. It will be shown that a crucial analysis can be developed by treating fleet capacity, and time utilisation measures of the secondary distribution fleet, as the indicators of change in the direction of solutions being proposed for evaluation. A model is offered to facilitate this analysis.

Formulating a Business Plan

In the “Expert Opinion” section we publish materials sent to the editorial board by participants in the leasing sector. The purpose of this section is to show the diversity of existing opinions. The opinions of the authors published in the section do not necessarily represent the opinions of the IFC Leasing Development Group.

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