Turbulent Russia: fasten your seat belts

The consultants of “ALT Research & Consulting” throw light on the current situation around Russia by providing a brief overview and analysis of the sanctions impact on business and giving recommendations to act on. This is a guide on materials that might be helpful in the situation of uncertainty in Russia.

Economy overview

In this article we have studied how the main macroeconomics indicators have been changing for the past 4 years. 

Sanctions – impact and repercussions

The word "sanctions" has been in media headlines for several months, but it is quite difficult to find a complete and structured analytical article on this topic. We decided to do a brief overview of the sanctions against Russia introduced by the US and EU. Also, we provide examples of responces to sanctions expressed by Russian companies' from different industries.   

Russian food embargo

The Russian food embargo has undermined the business of European food importers. The suppliers have to look for alternitive ways for delivering goods to Russia. 

Future scenarios

In a situation of “tense awaiting” the main question is “What will happen next?”. ALT consultants identified two possible scenarios for the development of the current situation and analyzed what to expect in any case. 

Recommendations to act on

ALT R&C consultants come up with a list of practical recommendations on how foreign enterprises can overcome difficulties of the current situation and what opportunities can appear.

WTO: Unfair Battle between Emotions and Facts

Russia's accession to the WTO: thoughts and conclusions

The attitude towards sanctions in society

Implications for business

We have tried to highlight the most important aspects and trends that will affect the business in the medium and long term, and may become the cause of revision of the companies’ strategic priorities. Also, we provide an analysis of the attitude towards "sanctions war" in Russia.  

10 Key facts about Russia

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