Corporate workshop on strategic planning

Project Description

On October 26-27 in Solikamsk " ALT RC had conducted a corporate workshop on "Development and implementation of company strategy" for JSC "Solikamskbumprom”.

The moderator of the meeting was the CEO of "ALT" RC Alexander Pechersky.

The workshop brought together the heads of various departments of the company: management, production, purchasing, marketing, finance. The Partner for organizing and conducting the workshop was the training center "Expert" (Perm).

The seminar program has been specially adapted to the needs and goals of the customer:

1. The evolution of theories of strategic planning. The basic definitions

  • Schools of strategies
  • The modern context of development of strategies

2. Approaches and logics of the strategic planning

  • The logic of strategic planning
  • Structuring of the strategic issues

3. Development goals, vision and strategic issues

4. Strategic Analysis

  • Analysis of internal prerequisites for the development
  • Analysis of market structure
  • Analysis of the peers
  • Market forecast

5. The choice of strategic alternatives

  • The logic of the formulation and selection of strategic alternatives   
  • Methodological aspects of the formulation of alternatives

6. Development of a plan for implementing the selected alternatives

  • The logical aspects
  • Methodological aspects of forecasting in sales
  • Methodological aspects of financial forecasts

7. Mechanisms for implementing the strategy

  • Management of development
  • The team
  • Motivation of top managers
  • KPI - tools of prioritization and control of the strategy umplemenatation.

At the workshop participants discussed and studied examples and exercises close to the work of "Solikamskbumprom" and constructed on the basis of the company practice. This allowed the participants to get acquainted with the detailed development and implementation of strategies to gain practical experience and to discuss topics relevant to the companys strategic issues and challenges.

Feedback from participants of the seminar

"The workshop gave us theoretical knowledge of planning strategies, a chance to take part in the planning process. About the organization: organized well enough "

Ltd. "Solikamsk CHP"
Grebenev Vladimir

"Relevant and useful to the company. Theme was revealed in a simple form to the participants. About the organization: all at a decent level "

JSC "Solikamskbumprom"
Director of Transport
Vasily Ivanovich Bazarov

"Very good seminar. Good connection between theory and practice. Information obtained during the workshop can be applied in practice. Presentation of the lecturer is understandable. About the organization: very good "

JSC "Solikamskbumprom"
Director of Economy and Finance
Tohtueva Olga

“ The workshop Allowed the staff to look at the companys further development” 

JSC "Solikamskbumprom"
SpecialistJulia Kulagina

"Excellent. I‘ve heard the answers to all of my questions. I am glad that this seminar has helped our employees to look at the situation more precisely. About the organization: as always, excellent "

JSC "Solikamskbumprom"
Head oа the department of development
Eugene P. Pisotskaya of interior doors