The administration of the Vologda region

Preparation of a concept and a business plan for the project of "Formation of a linen cluster in the Vologda Region"

Project Description

The project objective was to attract investments for the development of linen sector in the Vologda region, which has considerable export potential and importance for the economy, and bringing it to the international competitiveness. The companies of the sector are now in a difficult situation created by the European expansion of Chinese textile producers, and they don’t have their own sources of investments.

The project participants are assumed to be the largest and most successful companies of the linen industry: agricultural producers, flax, textile, knitting business.

The main participant is the JSC "Vologda textiles," which, being under the control of the Joint Management Company "Dominion," is one of the leading and the fastest growing linen company in Russia.

To help developing the project were recruited consultants of "ALT" RC, who have successfully coped with their tasks.
The project consultants were responsible for:

  • Analysis and Forecast of Russian and European markets of linen and home textiles, as well as the contract manufacturing of wearing apparel;
  • Analysis of the European experience in organizing linen industry, including agriculture and breeding;
  • Development of the proposed program of restructuring the sector;
  • Development of the marketing strategy of the cluster;
  • Development of an advanced project management;
  • Development of the economic model of the project;
  • Calculation of quantitative criteria for selecting projects, applying for government support at the expense of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation.