Benchmarking of the European engineering company for "Energon"

About the client

Energon - one of the players in the energy engineering market (is a part of the Holding NRG Group). The company specializes in supplying a wide range of electric power facilities to the largest enterprises in Russia and CIS countries, and also provides a full range of activities, including diagnosis, design, construction, installation, commissioning, completion and further maintenance.

More information about the company: www.energon-co.ru, www.nrg-group.biz

Statement of the Problem

Until recent days, the company "Energon" was primarily engaged in the distribution of power equipment. According to the new strategy the company is gradually moving to provide services to the energy companies. The company management of the NRG Group decided to visit a successful foreign company that operates in this sector in order to understand how to build a portfolio of services, how to effectively organize the project management of construction of power stations, as well as to find out what kind of work is efficient to do in-house, and what is effective to outsource.

What we have done

The consultants had examined the potentially interesting European service companies, and held preliminary interviews with their representatives. As a result  there was  organized a visit by a group of leaders of "Energon" together with consultants of ALT to the company “Empower” (www.empower.fi) - one of Europes largest independent service companies in the energy field, which is also known for innovative and unconventional solutions of management.

Preparing the trip the consultants conducted a methodical seminar on theory and practice of benchmarking, and then together with the management of "Energon" developed a program of visit and a list of most important issues for discussion. During the two-day visit to Empower there were held several individual meetings with the president, director of marketing and personnel management, vice presidents of the Baltic States region and the direction of "distribution network". Also the group had visited the substation, construction of which is currently lead by “Empower”.

It is nice that the top managers of Empower were so responsible that came to visit our Russian colleagues with prepared presentations on each functional topic, so the conversation was informative and interesting. During the visit, the consultants were not only accompanying the delegation, but also took active part in all discussions and initiate issues related to strategic aspects, including trends in energy development in Europe and Russia, the effectiveness of various business models on the market, opportunities for cooperation between European and Russian companies, as well as the plans and prospects of European companies on the Russian market.


The project helped the leaders of "Energon" to determine how to effectively organize the project management, marketing, work at the sites, how to optimally allocate tasks between internal departments and the contractors. Also, due to the trip, new ideas about the possible expansion of the portfolio of services for clients of the Company arose.

The results of this project have been recognized by the company management of "Energon" as quite successful and they have decided to continue the study of successful experiences and visit several European companies.