Joint Stock Company “Cherepovecky Steel Factory”

Consulting support of corporate culture reforming

Consultants of ALT R&C along with the specialists of “Cherepovecky Steel Factory” had conducted the project of elaboration the corporate culture standards of the company.

Conducting changes in the corporate culture – is a difficult and long term process, that requires active participation of company members. Hence the main goal of this project was to prepare and to hold a one day seminar for the middle management, in order to involve this group of members in the work of corporate culture and to design the document draft describing the desirable standards of the corporate culture.

During the preparation of the seminar was hold the pre-diagnostics, aimed to analyze  the scope of the company’s business and the existing corporate culture. The seminar had attended near 100 middle and high chain managers. In the conclusion of the seminar Alt RC consultants had conducted a “Brain storm” in order to elaborate the standarts of corporate behavior. The results of the seminar were used as the basiс project for further discussions for the company divisions.

Joint Stock Company  “Cherepovecky Steel Factory” is a member of the “Severstal” Group.