“Brok-Invest-Service” is one of the leading metal traders in Russia.

The continuation of the cooperation between ALT RC and  “Brok-Invest-Service” had turned into a mutual business trip of consultants and a group of management of “Brok-Invest-Service” to the USA in order to study the experience of management in the American metalservice companies. That trip was organized by the ALT consultants in the  frame of the strategy implementation support project.

The main research objective was to study the models of American metal trading company businesses, primarily in the field of branch organization, assortment and the scope of metal working services. During the trip there had been organized several meetings with the leading American companies :

Olympic Steel Inc –
Kenwal Steel Corp. –
Primary Steel Inc. –



Eventually the “Brok-Invest-Service” company determined for itself an optimal business model including the assortment policy, strategy of entry to the regions and the scope of metal working services. 

Also due to the opportunity to visit the warehouse complexes of American metal traders the client had come to several interesting ways of current activity optimization related to the system of storage and logistics management.