Support for development a program for personnel management

Project Description

“Alt” consultants implemented a project of methodological support for the development of  the personnel management program in the research and production company "Mekhanobr-Tech." This is the third joint project of “ALT RC” consultants and management of the company "Mekhanobr-Tech." The previous two were devoted to the improvement of the overall management performance and implementation of staff appraisal.

Under the methodological guidance of “ALT” consultants the HR manager of the company had to conduct the diagnoses of the main problem areas related to staff performance and developed a program of personnel management, including: selection, adaptation, training, appraisal, promotion and development of corporate culture.

This form of work was not chosen randomly. On the one hand, it will reduce the cost of the work for the customer, and, on the other - focus on the preparation of HR manager for further work in standalone mode.