Analysis of compressor market in Russia 

Client description:

Howden designs, engineers and supplies air and gas handling equipment, including industrial fans, process gas compressors, and rotary heat exchangers. Established over 150 years ago as an engineering firm, Howden has grown to become a worldwide organization with over 4,200 employees and companies in 17 countries.

What we did:

Howden engaged ALT consultants to analyze the compressor market in Russia and 6 CIS countries. The project purpose was to refine strategies of promoting and positioning the company's products in Russia. 
The study included about 100 interviews with experts and consumers, as well as significant amount of analytical information on the market. The focus of the project was given to:

  • Estimating the volume of product and customer segments
  • Forecasting the key industry trends on target compressor markets;
  • Identifying differences in product preferences between the different customer segments;
  • Analyzing the specifics of product choice process in different market segments.
During the project, ALT consultants closely cooperated with key Howden specialists. The resulting project data and recommendations are used in the development and implementation of Howden marketing strategy in Russia.