AsstrA Аssociated Traffic AG

Specification of company's strategic development

AsstrA Аssociated Traffic AG has some specifics, such as:

  • Wide geographic presence of company’s offices (Poland, Belarus, Baltics, Russia, Ukrain)
  • Matrix org. structure
  • Diversified product mix

During the project there were set 2 main objectives:

  • Research of Russian market for freight traffic and stocking services
  • Definition of competitive advantages of the company
While accomplishing the research of Russian logistic market besides analysis of traditional logistic segments “ALT” consultants carried out a research of complicated segments of mixed consignment, off-gauge and hot cargo.

Wide geographic presence of company’s offices required additional analysis of competitive advantages according to each geographic specifics.

At the result of the project consultants conducted 5 days strategic session, where the strategy of the company and KPIs were adjusted. Also there was elaborated the plan for strategy implementation. It is planned that implementation of the strategy will allow to become one of the leaders of logistic market