Distribution, Logistics and Transport

AsstrA Аssociated Traffic AG
international logistic company

Transbunker Group
holding joining more than 40 companies, provides bunkering services (one of the major independent physical suppliers in CIS), oil trading, engineering and consulting

Joint Transport Company (Sovmestnaya Transportnaya Kompaniya)
Organizes assorted lading delivery and container traffic

One of the largest design organizations of Russia having 70 years of   experience in the field of carrying out engineering surveys and design of the objects of transport infrastructure

SPB pub network
SPB company is a rapidly growing pub network in Russia


the St. Petersburg electronics company

Neva Palette

Art paints factory "Neva Palette" is the market leader in art materials in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. The company's products have become familiar for several generations of artists in these countries, as well as in Germany, UK and USA.