Melon Fashion Group

Elaboration of internal business plan and concept of development of clothes retail chain

“Pervomajskaja Zarya” is a part of “Melon Fashion Group”, which is one of the largest fashion companies in Russia. It promotes clothes for woman under the trade mark “Zarina” and “Befree”, operates with it’s own net of retail in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan and also sell it’s products in others Russian regions through the net of franchise and distributors. 

Business plan is dedicated to the object of organization of effective commercial activity and also can be used as the ground for investments attracting.

During the project there was made a research of competitors, economic and marketing analysis of company’s shops activity and elaborated business plan. There were conducted several seminars, where results of the project were discussed with TOP-management of the company in order to approach one vision and to elaborate the schedule of plan implementation. 

This project is the sequel of “ALT” and “Pervomajskaja Zarya” collaboration which began in 2001 with “Diagnostics of company’s market position”.