Identification of points of sales growth in "Caravay" company

Project Description

The consultants of ALT RC completed a consulting project on Identification of points of sales growth together with the specialists of "Caravay".

As a result of diagnosis for further detailed study were selected following areas of company sales growth:

  • Adding to the assortment new SKU and changing the form of output of existing SKU
  • Optimization of logistics activities and production planning
  • Optimization of pricing
  • Increasing the promotion activity
  • Optimization of incentive schemes for employees of commercial services
  • Redistribution of functions in the company’s sales system.

Within two weeks, the working group, formed from the employees of "Caravay", with the methodological and organizational support of ALT RC consultants has undergone extensive analytical work on all areas of optimization. 

The materials elaborated by the Working Group were presented to the management of the company during the final two-day session and became the main data basis for substantive discussions on possible sources of sales growth for appropriate decision making.

The company "Karavay" - one of the leading bakery foods market company in St. Petersburg. Over the past few years the company has created a strong company structure: the holding of "Caravay" includes 4 plants.