Solovyov Kamyshin sausages

Search of the efficiency reserves in the company

Statement of the Problem

"Solovyov Kamyshin sausages" - one of the leaders in the Volga market of meat products. After The crisis the company faced the task of improving the efficiency and search for points of growth.

What we have done

The project was conducted in the DIY-format: a team of the Customer, which included the heads and specialists of all key services, actively worked under the guidance of consultants of "ALT" RC according to our methods of "Sales +" and "Cost-".
In conclusion of the consulting project there has been carried a strategic session. The session has not only presented the results of the analysis, but also helped to work out plans and decisions to implement the necessary changes.


As a result of a joint project appeared a comprehensive program to increase the efficiency of the company, driven by the sales growth and the cost reduction.

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