Benchmarking study of best practices of leading companies in the consumer goods market generally and companies in the industry for Aquaart

About the client company

Aquaart - one of the leaders in the field of distribution of products for the bathrooms (faucets, sanitary ware, wellness, bathroom furniture, accessories). The company has an extensive branch network in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe and the Baltics.
More information about the company:

Statement of the Problem

In the frame of a strategy of expansion the company had to make key decisions on such matters as the composition of the promoted brand and management system, the choice of foreign markets for expansion, territorial sales management system, etc.

What we have done

To answer these questions properly we had conducted a joint benchmarking study of the experience of leading companies in the industry as a whole and the consumer goods market. We had studied the experience of the companies like Procter & Gamble, Nike, Samsonite, Inditex, Scarlet, SEB, Roca, Kohler, etc.
Of particular interest were examples of companies that implement a non-standard model and policy promotion for its market business. In particular, the Spanish company "Porcelanosa" had successfully implemented an innovative solution such as: promotion of the brand through consumer-celebrity and distribution through its own retail network.


The results of the benchmarking studies have helped to make an informed and consistent decisions on fairly new to the companys business development. The experience of foreign companies had also stimulated the leaders of the company to generate interesting and new ideas.