Optimization of the organizational structure of the company "Akademstroy"

Project Description

CJSC "Construction Management" Akademstroy "is located in St. Petersburg and has been providing general contracting services in construction, monolithic concrete / concrete structures for construction, as well as production and installation of on-site steel structures.
Learn more about "Akademstroy": http://yc-akademstroy.ru

Statement of the Problem

The Company’s management had set a target to increase the effectiveness of the company by optimizing the organizational structure and business processes.

What we have done

This consulting project was implemented in an interesting format: in addition to the diagnosis of the management system and benchmarking of the management system in other construction companies there had been carried out a strategic session, during which in addition to reviewing the diagnostic results were discussed options for organizational changes in “Akademstroy "and the adoption of agreed solutions.

At the stage of diagnosis consultant were responsible for:

  1. Conducting personal interviews with key personnel of "Akademstroy." It made it possible to determine the key issues in the organization and provide recommendations.
  2. Conducting a small benchmarking analysis of the practices of production organization and technical services in key construction companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Based on this analysis, we have developed a benchmarking option for a new organizational structure of "Akademstroy." These options of organizational structure were discussed with the staff of the company’s departments during the strategy session.

At the stage of the strategy session there had been raised the following issues:

  • Improving the existing system of planning in the company;
  • Formation of a complex system of accounting for the main stage of the construction project;
  • Preparing the most accurate budgeting system for construction projects;
  • Creating incentives and personnel control systems.


Following results were obtained during the consulting project:
  • Identifying major challenges of organizational change in the company
  • Separation of areas of responsibility and functions of the leading units of the "Akademstroy"
  • Agreements on the most important steps of modernization of the organizational structure at the semiannual period
  • Ability to organize an exchange of views between employees of basic units of the "Akademstroy" and come to an agreed perception of the main problems in the management of the organization and appropriate ways to solve them in practice