Market research within the the project of production establishment of sealing and anti-friction construction materials on the basis of high molecular nanomodified polytetrafluoroethylene (VPTFE) for ROSNANO

Project Description

"Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies" (ROSNANO) was established to implement the state policy of Russia in the field of nanotechnology, development of innovation infrastructure in the field of nanotechnology, the implementation of development projects of promising nanotechnologies and nano industry. In this task, ROSNANO co-invests in nanotechnology projects that have a significant economic or social potential.
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Statement of the Problem

JSC "Rosnanotechnologies" has commissioned a market research of VPTFE products as part of a comprehensive examination of the investment project for the production modified VPTFE in which ROSNANO can act as a key co-investor.

What we have done

The work of ALT RC consultants was focused on the following tasks:
  • Determining the structure and the size of the world market of VPTFE products
  • Forecasting the growth rates of the world market of products from VPTFE
  • Determining the structure and volume of the Russian consumer market of VPTFE products
  • Forecasting the growth rates of consumption of VPTFE products in Russia and CIS
  • Analysis of the competitive situation in Russia and CIS
  • Projections of sales of VPTFE products (till 2016)
The main focus of the consultants was on identifying promising industry segments of consumption of products from the modified VPTFE, businesses interested in buying these products, and assessing the size of the potential demand from these companies. To solve this problem the consultants have carried out about 70 personal interviews with the potential customers, representing 17 industry segments. In addition, our partner - the international company Global Intelligence Alliance has conducted several interviews with the leading international companies of the market.


The consultants have presented a detailed report with the analysis of international and domestic market of products from VPTFE, as well as recommendations on the strategy of product promotion.