Volvo Penta International

Analysis of Russian diesel engine market

Volvo Penta  is one of the world top producers of industrial and marine engines. 
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Volvo Penta AB was among the top players on marine engines market and was in search of opportunities to strengthen its position in industrial engines industry. The main question was to understand market prospects and make a decision whether they should invest funds into Russian business development or they should change the company strategy after the expected demand changes have been had.  

In order to accept a reasoned decision, it was solved to make a detailed market analysis and forecast its development trends. ALT R&C consultants had been attracted to solve the task.  

What we’ve done

  • In frames of the project consultants forecasted the existed situation on stationery equipment with diesel engines market as well as forecasted the market development.
  • Evaluated current market and its segments;
  • Evaluated situation on the main competitors; market as well as Volvo Penta opportunities to grow its share;
  • Discovered key demand-forming factors and its influence on definite market segments;
  • Forecasted main trends and market development dynamics;
  • Decision making Model (factors) about purchase depending on key customers groups.

As a result «Volvo Penta» potential was evaluated on different market segments and ALT R&C consultants also gave recommendations to grow considerably sales volume, including the most prospective product profile, goal-oriented segments and customer groups, necessary cases and mechanisms of working with them and necessary market initiatives tools.  


Based on the research results and recommendations, «Volvo Penta» managed to make some corrections into its development strategy in Russia, having concentrated its attempts on the most prospective market segments and clients’ types. One of the most important initiatives was to strengthen cooperation with engineering companies.