About ALT R&C

We provide international companies with deep market analysis and customer insights for Russia and CIS countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan etc. Using the results of market intelligence, we help clients to develop strategies to utilize the potential growth offered by these developing markets with more than 300 million inhabitants.

We work with multinational companies that wish to improve their performance, increase sales and the market share of their established operations.

We also assist newcomers which want to build operations in Russia & CIS markets from the scratch. In such cases we help them to examine customer preferences, key buying factors, decision making process.

In our projects we combine extensive primary research with sophisticated secondary analysis in order to understand real market and value chain structures, distribution channels and different customer segments and niches. What is more, while analysing we take into consideration the specificity of Russian & CIS markets which are characterised by the vast presence of grey market.

As a result, clients receive recommendations regarding the organization of their sales operations or distribution channels. In many cases, the key issues lie in product portfolio adjustments or pricing strategies.

If a company wishes to expand into Russian & CIS markets, market intelligence will focus on market sizing and market segmentating; profiling key players and competitors; understanding basic customer needs and requirements.

We conduct not only professional market research and analysis, but also advise clients on market entry strategies along with analysing financial limitations, potential partners, local production opportunities etc. We have an extensive network of contacts in different industries and businesses to support companies in finding the right partners and people to start their operations in Moscow, Kiev, Astana or any other city in Russia & the CIS region.

When M&A strategy is considered as the best entry strategy, we can help to find target companies, to conduct due diligence. Moreover, we have management consulting practice and can support both integration process and post-merger phase.

ALT R&C team 

Company’s Profile

  • ALT Research and Consulting Company is one of the leaders in the Russian strategic consulting market. We have been working in consulting management market since 1992.
  • We specialize in management and strategic consulting. ALT helps companies executives make long-term strategic decisions.
  • Over 400 consulting projects have been implemented.
  • Since 1996 we have been conducting research of successful management. The best-known one is a series of research called Growth Management – 1996, 2001, 2004
  • ALT is a creative, ambitious and committed team.

To our prospective clients or partners, interested in our approach to consulting or specific consulting services, we suggest downloading a booklet about our company.