What is up and who we are

What is new

The year 2014 has turned out to be rich in significant events. Obviously, sanctions introduced by US and EU and the reverse food embargo have had an impact on the Russian economy. Due to such turbulence in the region, now there are more questions than answers. The consultants of “ALT Research & Consulting” throw light on the current situation around Russia by providing a brief overview and analysis of the sanctions impact on business and giving recommendations to act on.

You can look through a guide on materials we have prepared to puzzle out the unpredictable Russia-2015. 

Who we are

We are strategic marketing consultants. We help companies to understand and develop successful strategies in Russia and major CIS countries: Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan 

Our clients are multinational companies aimed at improving their performance, increasing sales and capturing the market share. We help them to investigate customer preferences, key buying factors, decision making process etc.

We also assist newcomers to build operations in Russia & CIS markets from the scratch. We focus on market sizing and segmentating; profiling key players and analyzing competitors; understanding basic customer needs and requirements.

ALT R&C team